A Working Title – Gekisai

Okay, so maybe it’s not great but it’s in keeping. The first book was named after a karate kata, so why not the second – at least for the time being. It looks better than “As Yet Untitled” sitting on my desktop.

So, what does it mean?

The name is derived from the characters Geki, meaning to attack or conquer, and Sai,  literally translated as closed, shut or covered,  meaning a fortress or stronghold. The word Gekisai can also mean to demolish, or destroy.

Much like Sanchin, meaning three battles or three conflicts, represented the main character’s struggle with himself, his Shihan and his family, the meaning of Gekisai has some significance to this story too. I’m currently working on the pitch for the novel so I’ll explain how it’s relevant when I get that done.

Speaking of pitches, don’t you just hate writing them? I know you should be able to sum up the story in one short sentence but, eish, finding the right sentence is hard work.

As for the rest of the writing, it’s still flowing like a dream. It’s causing me a slight problem though.  Sanchin still needs a little work to get it up to the mark for publication and I’m so into writing the new story that I’m struggling to get back into editing mode.

Maybe tomorrow!