A Thousand Words Before Bed…

…It didn’t happen. Actually, not a lot happened. By the time I finished yesterday’s blog entry it was pretty much bed time anyway.

Today has been one of those days. I seem to have been on the go all day but I don’t have that much to show for it.

I have been writing but my fiction has taken a back seat. Well, writing it has anyway. A while ago I was moaning that these characters don’t ‘speak to me’ the way Tristan did in Sanchin. Oh boy, they do now. I can’t shut them up!

Walking around like a crazy person is par for the course for me at the best of times, but when I have two fictional characters yelling in my head I become downright dangerous.

I did manage to ignore them for long enough to get some of my non-fiction writing done though. I’m working to a deadline on the e-zine that I write for a web site my friend and I run. True to form, I’ve set myself a monumental task by including a tutorial in every issue.

Sooo, not only do I have to write the Tip of the Month, answer reader’s questions, edit their submissions and design and layout the whole thing, I also have to make the subject of the tutorial (African masks this month) so that I can take step-by-step photos and then write it up too.

Now, I’m not complaining, because I really enjoy doing this. But it is time consuming and it does have a habit of eating several days out of my month.

Add to that the writing I do for client’s web sites (as well as my own), karate training, a full-time job which involves being away from home for two weeks at a time plus reading and editing manuscripts for other people and you can see why it’s taken me over a year to get half way through the first draft of Yantsu.  Okay, breathe!

Did I make enough excuses yet? No? (I’m talking to my character’s here – don’t mind me.)

Then, of course there’s the obligatory daily lurk on Facebook, Twitter and K4L, answering emails, cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. Oh yes, and I do occasionally eat and sleep.

I don’t think I’ll be doing much sleeping tonight, though. My boys really want to tell their story.

Oh well, nothing that a good dose of vodka chocolate won’t cure:)