A Strange Sort of Day

I managed to get a bit more of the final read though of Sanchin done today. I’m not sure how though. We had my little niece here for the day. She is turning two later this month and she is adorable.

We have a new trampoline for her in the back garden and when we opened the door and she saw it for the first time she said, “Oh, bouncy!” and ran outside to try it out.

It’s great because we can zip her inside the safety net and she can happily bounce away without any fear of falling off.

I managed to sneak of upstairs for a while to do a bit of reading. So far so good. Apart from one extremely silly formatting mistake on my part there don’t seem to be any other major corrections that need doing.

I’m hoping to get it finished tonight so I can catch up with my reading on Authonomy tomorrow.

On the training front I just did a 4 mile run, some conditioning and some stretching. Tomorrow it’s kata practice. I like to keep up with the exercise. It keeps my mind fresh for writing and editing.

Monday the new routine begins with more focus on my non-fiction and writing for my own websites rather than looking for new clients. It’s a bit scary switching sources of income in this economic climate but I’ll see how it goes.