A Reprieve for Sanchin

Well, I’m feeling a bit more confident about my writing today. I’ve had some very encouraging comments about Sanchin via email and on the Harper Collins Authonomy site.

I read over a bit of it earlier today and I think the more simplistic style I used actually suits the story, so I’ve decided against a rewrite.

That’s probably a good thing because Broken Bonds is really beginning to gather momentum. I’m at that stage where I get ratty if anything, even the need for food and sleep, disturbs my writing.

My characters are beginning to come to life in my head and tell me their stories. This is the part I really love about writing fiction.

Not so much fun is the part where a snippet of dialogue or a flash of action wakes me up in the middle of the night demanding to be written down before it’s lost to the ethers forever.

I could quite happily become a recluse for the duration of the first draft. All alone with my characters and my laptop in a nice cozy room. Sounds like heaven.

Now, before I start to come across as a candidate for the men in white coats, I’m going to go and have a read of some other writers’ work on Authonomy.