A Quick Update on Yantsu and Sanchin

First Sanchin. My friend Mark has set up a Facebook group called Sanchin- The Novel to help me to promote the book. Thanks, Spark.

Now Mark knows me well enough to know I’d rather eat grated earthworms than promote my own work, but the response has been encouraging so far and I’m slowly getting used to the idea.

So, if you have a Facebook account, please join the group and if you add me as a friend I’ll gladly accept. I do delete spammers and axe murderers though – you have been warned.

I’m still getting my head round how the group thing works but I do intend to post on there to keep you updated with Sanchin and any other martial arts fiction I may root out.

Now Yantsu. For a long time now my plot has been stalled. I couldn’t seem to get things to move forward and my characters were not speaking to me.

Tristan was a pain in the butt while I was writing Sanchin. He would wake me up in the middle of the night and force me to get things on the page before I went back to sleep.  Danny seems more reluctant to share and I really have to squeeze his story out of him sometimes.

Okay, now I’m doing that thing again, the one that makes me seem a little crazy. Anyway, someone suggested that I swap two events round and, when I did, it opened up a whole hornet’s nest of trouble for one of my characters.

That’s got the plot moving again and I’m pleased to say I’m back on track for getting the first draft done before NaNoWriMo begins in November.

Now, that’s going to be a fun month. NaNo, two weeks away at work  and my first Shotokan grading.