A Pain in the Neck!

I mean that both literally and figuratively. First the literal cause. I’m back on the computer for about 16 hours a day and it’s playing havoc with my neck and shoulders.

The fact that I’ve challenged myself to do 1000 push ups in a week is not helping either. I might have to shelve that little endeavour until I get used to all this typing again. I do hate to wimp out of a challenge though!

My figurative pain in the neck is caused by Amazon’s tracking system. Unless I’m being completely dense (a distinct possibility) there is no way of finding out who has bought copies of Sanchin.

It’s not that I’m checking up on those family members who promised to get a copy knowing full well they’re not remotely interested in martial arts. It’s just that I’d really like to follow up with people.

At the very least I’d like to thank them for buying the book. But I’d also like to invite them to contact me if they have any problems with the transaction or if they have any questions or comments.

Oh well, I guess they are technically Amazon’s customers and they will contact Amazon with any issues. Perhaps I’m just being a control freak again. Anyway, if you are one of the people who has bought the book so far, thank you. I really do value your support even though I have no idea who you are so I’m unable to write and thank you personally.