A Major Distraction and A Very Short Update

Oh dear, I really thought I might get Sanchin finished today but I haven’t even opened the file. It looks like I’ll be up until 2am again.

This morning, I was sent some writing to scan through and give my opinion.  Scan? HA! I’ve been riveted all afternoon.  I can’t tear myself away from the laptop to cook and the coffee mug on my desk is empty. That never happens!

I had planned to post about handling crazy ideas in writing today but that’s on hold. I will get to Sanchin sometime tonight and I will have an update on my progress tomorrow but, for now, I’m going back to my reading.

2 thoughts on “A Major Distraction and A Very Short Update”

  1. Chris says:

    It is only in the icy depths of what seems like an eternity of drowning in hopelessness and sorrow that you will truly search your soul and find that all you’ve been looking for has always been there to begin with.

    I leave you with this quote because, I believe you are on the verge of something that you can truly be proud of. And the most important thing about Sanchin and the rest of it all is that as it takes a life of its own and begins to feed and breathe with you, that you realise, that you’ve written something to be proud of and that everything you’ve done, has not gone to waste (yes even in that scrap folder!)
    Please let know when Sanchin is close to completion so i can do a countdown, and the unwrapping of the book 🙂 will also post pictures of it in Honbu!

    Osu! You are almost there!

    1. Karen says:

      Great quote, Chris, and so very true. Thank you.

      Sanchin really has taken on a life of its own. From very early on in the writing process it was as if the novel had its own personality. There were times when I thought I was going a bit mad because my characters wouldn’t let me change their story.

      Yesterday I tried to make some minor adjustments. I worked well into the night and finally turned out the light at 3.33 this morning. I fiddled again with the a scene that is worrying me but, today, it remains unchanged. It’s part of the story and it has to stay as it is.

      So now, all that’s left to do is a bit of tidying up in the last eight chapters and a final read through. I could go on forever tweaking a bit of dialogue here or some action there but I know there comes a time when I have to let it go.

      You’re right, Chris. I am almost there.

      Thank you for the encouragement and I will let you know as soon as I’ve proofed that final paragraph.


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