A Day of Rest

Today I decided not to even try to get any writing done. It was my parents’ wedding anniversary and my mom’s birthday and I planned to cook a meal for them. I knew I would only get stressed about things if I rushed to get my writing done before or after the preparations and the celebrations.

I did get a bit of exercise though. It really helps me if I’m stressed. A pleasant run in the countryside with some kata practise in a lovely green field left me feeling much better than I did yesterday.

I don’t plan to do a lot tonight either. I’m going to answer a couple of emails and then sit and watch a movie and have a glass of wine and a slice of cake. A nice way to round off a relaxing day.

Back to work tomorrow even though we have another couple of family birthdays. It seems like everyone in my family was born between February and July except me. I’m stuck out on a limb in November. It must be the Scorpio temperament that gets me so stressed sometimes.

One thought on “A Day of Rest”

  1. Chris says:

    Dear Karen,

    Im thinking of quitting Kyokushin for deep personal reasons.

    But i’ll always be of service to you if you need my help ever.

    Yours in karate.


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