Taking a Break

Well, my second attempt to complete the Artist’s Way has ended pretty much the same way the first one did. It has come to a grinding halt. And it’s not only the Artist’s Way. Right now I really need to take a break from the blog too, and possibly even my writing. This is not something I’m doing lightly but life is just getting on top of me right now. Last week I worked a 126 hour week and this […]

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Reasons to Hate Winter #133

It’s highly unlikely, I know, but some of you may have noticed that I am a week late posting the next instalment of the Artist’s Way. I do have a good excuse though. It was the weather’s fault. Okay, not really, but in a round about way it was. Sort off. You see, being a bit of a hippy/troglodyte/lunatic (or any number of other disparaging names you care to insert – I’ve heard them all), I don’t wear shoes unless […]

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