Chickens, Sanchin and an Update

Am I the only one who thinks chickens look weird without their heads, feet and feathers? I had the misfortune of having to boil one today and it freaked me out a bit. Phil, my boy cat, was at the vet this week and is on a diet of boiled chicken until he’s finished his course of antibiotics. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a vegetarian as I do occasionally eat fish and, unlike some ‘vegetarians’ I know, I have a […]

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Trauma and Recovery

Okay, to those who emailed me,  my absence from the blog was not due to the alcoholic curry experience. I had no side effects at all, so no drama there. My excuse is that NaNoWriMo is traumatic and I’m still recovering. Any writing at all is difficult at the moment. I’m pleased to say I did eventually finish the entire first draft of my NaNo novel and I might even be able to make a book of it some time […]

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