An Amazing Experience – Thank You, Anita

I’ve said this before, I never blog twice in one day unless it’s something important. Well, this is. Today I met the most amazing person. And all I really know about her is that her name is Anita and she is a wonderful woman. You see, today my boy cat, Phil, took a turn for the worse and I had to take him to the emergency vet. Now, I know I can be a cynical old moo but I do […]

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The Dangers that Lurk

Right, today was supposed to be the second update of the Artist’s Way but since I’ve just nearly killed myself in the kitchen, I thought a public safety announcement was in order. Well, that and the fact that I haven’t quite finished the week’s tasks. Now, I know if you watch the news and/or have ever had the misfortune to encounter any of the UK’s Health and Safety laws, you are well aware that there is danger all around us. […]

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Chocolate, Cats and Confessions

I did it! Yup, I actually made the Christmas chocolates last beyond boxing day. And I still have one left to prove it. My self control knows no bounds. Well, other than staring at the last Christmas chocolate wondering how much longer I can make it last, today has been another uneventful one. Well, pretty much. I skated walked to the shop this morning intending to buy bread and milk but, of course, they didn’t have any. The shelves were […]

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RIP Iceosaurous Rex

I knew it! I just knew it was more than a mere icicle. Not only was Iceosaurous Rex the biggest, meanest and most scary icicle ever formed in the UK, it was also a vampire. How do I know this? Well, for the first time since our mythical heatwave, the sun shone today. It peered around a snow cloud for all of ten seconds and Iceosaurous Rex leapt to his death. But not before he managed to produce mutant, non-vampire […]

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Now You Can Eat a Whole Christmas Pudding and Still Lose Weight

Okay, not really. But you have to admit, as far as headlines go it’s a much better attention grabber than Merry Christmas. So, now that I have your attention, I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. And If you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you’re enjoying a bit of downtime from the usual working week. Speaking of working, that’s exactly what I’m doing today. If fact, I’m away at the ‘day job’ until the 29th of December. […]

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Tis the Season to be…Stupid

Yes indeed. And you don’t get much more stupid than what I did today. Actually, I did several stupid things today, most of which involved food and cooking. But I will spare your sanity and only tell you about the one that upset my cat. Now, on account of recently discovering the caffeine content of my favourite new ‘fruit drink’, I decided to switch to something slightly less likely to stick me to the ceiling. I now allow myself the […]

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The Artist’s Way – Week One

It’s a good thing I mentioned in the last post that I was going to write about the Artist’s Way today, otherwise I might have banged on about today’s town trip. And then spontaneous human combustion would have been a very real possibility. I may have calmed down enough to tell you all about it by tomorrow. Don’t go holding your breath though, it may take a little longer than that. Right then, The Artist’s Way. The Artist’s Way is […]

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Winter Wonder(ing why)land

Still cold. Still snowing. Still in the UK. Would someone please remind me why? Year after year I survive the winter only because I keep telling myself (as does everyone else I know) that surely we have to have a decent summer after this. It’s all lies, I tell you. I’m still waiting for a decent summer. Although, if the British press is to be believed, we have just had one. Yes, this year we had a heatwave apparently. And […]

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OMG I’m an Addict!

I confess. I am a caffeineoholic! And no, I didn’t make that word up. There are a whole 73 hits for it on Google, though they do suggest I might have been searching for coffeeaholic. I wasn’t Google, really, I wasn’t. And if I had been I would have searched for coffeeholic anyway. But I digress. This year I decided to clean up my act in time for the November madness that is NaNoWriMo. I gave up the coffee and […]

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Snow, Shopping and Sibling Rivalry

Can you guess we still have snow? I hate this time of year in the UK. Okay, to be fair, it’s not that often that we get this much snow so early in the winter. In fact, if my limited knowledge of the northern hermispherian (is that a word?) seasons is correct, it’s not officially winter until tomorrow. Ooh two and a half hours to go. Urgh!! I don’t know why I do this to myself. Even as I type […]

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