The Good, the Bad and the Psychotic Toilet

I’ll save the good until the end of this post. I like to think of positive things in the evenings, it helps me to sleep better and I’ve heard it sets the tone for the next day. Though, if that’s true, I dread to think what I was thinking about last night. I got less than 4 hours sleep. I know this because I checked the clock on my cell phone every time I woke up. This morning I dragged […]

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Oops, I Did it Again!

Hmm I knew if I read through Yantsu today I’d unleash an attack of the tweaks. True to form, I just couldn’t keep my hands off the keyboard. I do think I have improved what I’ve edited though. Trouble is, once I get to second draft, all of that hard work may get cut anyway. Tomorrow’s writing time has been ambushed by a client needing me to do some urgent research for him. It involves lots of trekking around and […]

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Sofas, Shotokan and Sticking Around

Okay, after yesterday’s post I worked myself in to a frenzy of feeling trapped by the new furniture but today I’ve decided the place really does look better and that staying where I am for a while might be a good idea. I have my first Shotokan grading in November so that’s one fairly good reason to stick around. I’m pretty nervous about it as I’ve just realised that, due to working away, I can only fit in two more […]

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Dramas, Deadlines and Decisions

Well, I’ve finally managed to dig myself out from under the avalanche of spam comments and get round to actually updating the blog. I’ve been neglecting my writing lately and the self-imposed deadline for the completion of the first draft of Yantsu is barrelling down on me like a runaway train. I’m just waiting for the wild panic to set in and maybe that will be the kick in the pants I need. It never ceases to amaze me how […]

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