Prodding, Poking and Procrastinating

I’m doing it again!  That thing I do where I can’t stop picking at what I’ve already written and just get on with writing something new. Maybe I need to have the words, “This is only the first draft!“ tattooed on my hands so I get a reminder whenever I look down at the keyboard. Or perhaps I could try hubby’s trick of switching off the screen. His theory being, if you can’t see it you’re not tempted to edit […]

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An Update on Sanchin and Yantsu

First the good news about Sanchin. It is now available on an Amazon near you. Well, that is it you have one near you. Here’s the list of counties it’s currently available in. Now for Yantsu. I’m pleased to say it’s coming along well again. One of my poor characters has a dilemma that I’m not sure how he’s going to solve. It’s a tough decision for him and I don’t think he can win which ever side of the […]

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Yantsu and the Mystery Bug

Well, I can finally report that I seem to be back on track with Yantsu. The words are pouring onto the page at the moment and it’s left me with a dilemma for the rest of the weekend. Do I keep going while things are flowing so well, or do I take a break and recharge the old batteries while I have the chance? The scenes I wrote today were particularly difficult ones. The word harrowing springs to mind, and […]

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Sanchin – My First Amazon Review

Okay, I’m excited. Sanchin got its first customer review on Amazon today. And, as if that’s not cool enough, it was from someone who I respect a great deal both as a martial artist and as an author. I ordered Goran Powell’s Waking Dragons when I saw it mentioned in a thread on a forum. I was so frustrated when it arrived at home as I was working away at the time. From the reviews I’d read I just knew […]

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Gotta Love the Internet :(

What is it about the Internet that makes people think they know everything there is to know about you? So much so that they feel they even know your motivation for doing something? I regularly post on both martial arts and writing forums because these are my interests. But never once, in the thousands of posts I have made, have I ever mentioned my books. (Anyone who follows my blog on a regular basis will know exactly how much I […]

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A Change of Style

I’m in the process of making a very hard decision. Although it wasn’t the first style of karate I trained in, I loved Kyokushin from the moment I first stepped into that dojo in Cape Town. Now, several years on, I’m living in a town with no Kyokushin dojo and I’m training solo or, when I can, with a friend. Obviously this is not ideal and I need to get back into a formal setting if I am going to […]

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A Kick in the Pants

I think I’ve finally found the kick in the pants I need to get me writing regularly again. Well, it’s not really a kick in the pants, it’s more like a bit of encouragement. I’ve been reading novelist Holly Lisle’s newsletter for a while now and, just as I was looking for the motivation to get stuck into Yantsu, I got a newsletter from Holly telling me about her Write a Book With Me project. Briefly, Holly is writing her […]

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