Spam and a Yantsu Update

Hmmph it looks like the spammers finally caught up with my blog. In theory it’s not a problem because I manually approve comments anyway. So nothing gets onto the blog without my say so . Please take note of that statement before you’re tempted to spam on here. Go and waste your time elsewhere. It becomes a problem when I’m off line for a while and the comments mount up. If I have a whole load to moderate I may […]

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A Pain in the Neck!

I mean that both literally and figuratively. First the literal cause. I’m back on the computer for about 16 hours a day and it’s playing havoc with my neck and shoulders. The fact that I’ve challenged myself to do 1000 push ups in a week is not helping either. I might have to shelve that little endeavour until I get used to all this typing again. I do hate to wimp out of a challenge though! My figurative pain in […]

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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Well,  I finally got my internet fixed. What I thought was a broadband issue turned out to be my wireless card. Apparently when I upgraded my Ubuntu kernel I upset my drivers. Oh the joys of being technically inept. I haven’t been writing recently as I’ve been busy catching up with other bits and pieces but I have set aside at least part of the upcoming weekend to work on Yantsu. Speaking of weekends, I finally had one off. The […]

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Sanchin is Live on Amazon!

Finally I have the news I’ve been waiting to tell you for ages. Sanchin went live on Amazon today. You can find it here. I can’t believe the stress of editing is over at last. One thing I’ve discovered is that I love writing fiction but editing it is a different animal altogether. I think for Yantsu I will hire a professional editor to go over the final draft. Self-editing is a surefire way to make yourself crazy! I will […]

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Pseudonyms – To Use or Not to Use

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and I’m wondering – should I have used a pseudonym for my martial arts novels? If I’m honest, it’s a bit late to worry about it now as the final proof of the cover, sporting my real name, is winging it’s way to me for my approval. However, there is still a niggle. Due to the nature of the book my main audience will probably be teenage boys. Will they relate to […]

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Getting Back to Normal

Wow, the last few weeks have been crazy round here. I’ve been off line for a while (nothing like stating the obvious) but I have my internet connection sorted out so it should be business as usual from now on. First of all the promised update on Sanchin. I had to put the release date back a bit due to a problem with the cover design. That’s all fixed now and I’m waiting to review the final proof. As soon […]

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