No More Editing!

This is it. The final decision has been made. No more editing on Sanchin. I will finish the final read through of the proof copy and unless there is anything I’ve overlooked that needs correcting I’m doing nothing else to the book! It really is time to let this one go. I’ve said that more times than I can remember. Okay, maybe I could tighten the dialogue up a bit here or speed up the action a bit there but […]

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Sanchin and Creeping Deadlines

Well the deadline for Sanchin is creeping up rather faster than I’m comfortable with at the moment. Life really seems to be getting in the way of writing right now. It’s times like this when I wish I could make a full time living out of writing fiction. They say time goes faster the older you get but this is insane. I can’t believe we are already almost half way through the year. Time seems to be flying and I […]

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Sanchin vs Yantsu

Okay, first the good news. I managed to rescue quite a bit of Yantsu from the scrap file and I’ve added to it today. It’s coming along well again and I think I’ve exorcised the demons for the moment. The not so good news is that Sanchin is due out on the 15th May and I’ve suddenly gone mad and decided it needs one more final edit. I’m halfway through doing it and I should still make the deadline but […]

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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

Okay so I managed to get some writing done today but in a fit of pique I relegated most of it to the scrap file. I’m just back from a 5 mile run and I’m about to have another go. I’ll read through what I threw in scrap first as it might look a little better now I’ve had some fresh air and some time away from the computer. The frustrating thing is that I know where I want to […]

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On Weekends and Writing

I’ve decided that weekends and writing just don’t go together. I had big plans for today but we ended up with a house full of people and very little got done. From now on I think I’ll do what normal people do and take weekends off. I somehow feel that because I’m working from home that I can’t justify taking days off. I must be a sucker for punishment. The whole point of writing is that I enjoy it. If […]

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Back to Business with Yantsu

I haven’t done a lot today but I have a nice quiet evening planned to work on Yantsu. I’ve caught up with most of my reading on Authonomy and I’ve done my training for the day. I managed to lose a bit of skin from my knuckles on the punchbag but it won’t interfere with my typing – which has never been that great anyway. Yantsu is taking a lot more time than Sanchin did to get to first draft. […]

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A Day of Rest

Today I decided not to even try to get any writing done. It was my parents’ wedding anniversary and my mom’s birthday and I planned to cook a meal for them. I knew I would only get stressed about things if I rushed to get my writing done before or after the preparations and the celebrations. I did get a bit of exercise though. It really helps me if I’m stressed. A pleasant run in the countryside with some kata […]

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