An Apology

Just a quick update. I’m in the process of moving house and have no internet access at the moment. I don’t like working on public computers so I will update as soon as I get the connection sorted out. Apologies to everyone waiting to hear what’s happening with Sanchin. It should be all sorted out this time next week.

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Weddings, Weights and Writing

I’m not sure how but I did manage to get some writing done on Yantsu today. The reason that is so surprising is because my cousin got married in America and we attended the “cyber wedding” via Skype. It was a lovely ceremony and it was good to be able to “be there” without the hassle of flights and visas etc. Prior to that I had a good run and a session with the weights and the punch bag in […]

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Sanchin – An Update

Okay, call me stupid! Maybe I have flipped out or maybe there is some deep seated psychological fear of putting my book out there. Today I went to check why I hadn’t heard anything regarding Sanchin and it seems I had forgotten to take two steps I needed to take to approve the book for publication. So, that’s why it’s the 15th of May and Sanchin is not yet available for sale. My sincere apologies to the few people who […]

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A Day Off

I took a day off from writing and editing today and I’m feeling much better. I did manage to catch up with my reading on Authonomy and I had a really good workout. I find physical exercise always helps. During the session I realised that I would never give up in the dojo when things get tough so I’m not about to do it with my writing. Tomorrow I will take another day away from my fiction but over the […]

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Bad Move

I know I shouldn’t be doing this. I would be better off not posting to the blog today but I’ve written something every day since I started and I just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t write something. Buring the candle at both ends has finally taken its toll and I don’t know how to keep going. I took the whole of this month off from working for other people in the hope that I would be able to relax […]

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Catching Up On The Reading

Today I’ve managed to start the task of catching up on my reading on Authonomy. I still have a long way to go before I’m back on an even keel but at least I don’t have that awful guilt I feel when I know I have something to do but no time to do it. Yantsu took a back seat today but I have time earmarked for a good writing session tomorrow. As far as Sanchin goes, it’s out of […]

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It’s Finally Done

I’ve finally finished the read through and the corrections on Sanchin. Tomorrow my sister is going to redo the cover as I made a mess of that and then it’s off be published at last. I hope it will make the deadline of the 15th, though if not it will only be a few days late. There’s no change to the cover design but I submitted the image in RGB format and it should have been CMYK or something like […]

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Almost There

I only have a couple more chapters to go through on Sanchin and then it’s all done for the final time. I’m sure I just keep looking for excuses to fiddle because I’m too afraid to let it go and have people actually read it. Crazy, I know.  Why else would any normal person write a book if they didn’t want people to read it? But then I guess I’m not normal. I must be a bit weird. To be […]

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A Strange Sort of Day

I managed to get a bit more of the final read though of Sanchin done today. I’m not sure how though. We had my little niece here for the day. She is turning two later this month and she is adorable. We have a new trampoline for her in the back garden and when we opened the door and she saw it for the first time she said, “Oh, bouncy!” and ran outside to try it out. It’s great because […]

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A Day of Big Decisions

Today I went to see my potential new home town. It was a nice day, but a bit cold (no surprises for this time of year in the UK) and the town gave a good impression. It’s smaller than where I’m currently living, though that has ideas above its station calling itself a City. Here in the UK there are different criteria for city status. Lincoln is a city because it has a cathedral but it doesn’t have a particularly […]

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