Chris the Genius :)

I love it when those random little things in life turn into something wonderful. I’ve been following Chris’ blog My Kyokushin – The Diary of a Karateka for some time now. I first found it when it popped up on my Google alert for Kyokushin. I can’t tell you how many times I hit the comment button and then changed my mind. I’m not sure why, I just didn’t think I had anything of value to add for him or […]

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Missing Sanchin

I went for a run last night to try and clear my head and figure out why I was feeling so strange about publishing Sanchin in eBook format. I think I get it now and I would probably feel the same way if it was out in paperback too. For the last six months I’ve spent more time with the characters of Sanchin than I have with the real people in my life. Now the book is out there and […]

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Sanchin – A Life of its Own and a Moment of Panic

I’m not sure how I feel today. Overwhelmed I guess. It was always my intention to publish Sanchin in eBook form as well as paperback, but I did think I would launch the paperback first. Now, I’m normally the crazy impulsive type who does something (usually stupid) and then deals with the consequences as they happen, but his time I thought I would plan ahead. Anyway, today I decided to get the formatting right for the eBook and I uploaded […]

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An Epiphany on the Self Promotion

This morning I answered emails, poked around on a few blogs then procrastinated for a while on K4L and Twitter, my usual morning routine, and then I started working on Yantsu. I got so into the story that the morning just flew by and I couldn’t believe it when I realised that I hadn’t even had breakfast or lunch and it was already time to go for my run. I decided to go anyway. I was only going to do […]

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That Shameless Self Promotion Thing

Oh my, this is rearing its ugly head again. I’ve talked about my feelings on the self promotion thing before and I’ve tried to shake them off, but to no avail. It’s not that I don’t want people to read my book, of course I do. I just don’t want to shove it in their faces. I have this crazy idea that I should be able to write it, stick it up on Amazon and let people discover it all […]

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Crash and Burn

It’s not like I didn’t know it was going to happen so I don’t know why I’m surprised. You can’t keep going forever burning the candle at both ends. Today I woke up with a miserable headache, sore throat and a pain in the neck. I’ve been sitting in front of the laptop most of the day staring at the screen and messing up just about everything I’ve done. I’ve relegated almost 2000 words of Yantsu to the scrap file […]

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Stereotype or Specialist?

With Sanchin all done and dusted and awaiting publication it’s time to focus on writing again. I started writing the second novel at the same time as I started editing  Sanchin and, with hindsight, this was a mistake. Switching between editing and writing was more difficult than I had anticipated. Broken Bonds was the novel I began. Now, I don’t know if it was because I was writing one and editing another, or if I was writing outside my genre […]

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Gaining Perspective

I’m posting earlier than usual because I need an early night tonight. All of the finishing touches have been added to Sanchin and now I must wait for my (hopefully) final proof copy to arrive. Once that has been approved, Sanchin will be on its own. The last couple of weeks have been quite overwhelming. I never, in a million years, expected the positive response I’ve received so far. My only hope now, is that anyone who reads Sanchin will […]

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Letting Go

I want to say a huge thank you to Chris from Kyokushin Kan – A Journey Through Karate for reading through the final draft of Sanchin and allaying my biggest fear –  will a fellow martial artist enjoy my book? Chris is at the beginning of his journey in Kyokushin Karate (the style I train in and one which has strongly influenced the novel). He is also an experienced practitioner in other styles. Thank you, Chris, for taking the time […]

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Sanchin – The Never Ending Story

Well, it’s not Sanchin that doesn’t end, it’s my fiddling and poking around with the manuscript. Today I got through the entire final read but I made a few changes here and there as I was going along and now I have to read through again 😮 I have a horrible tendency to make mistakes when I make changes. I’ll have to export to PDF or print it out before I read through again. That way I can’t fiddle any […]

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