Almost There

I had a full day of editing today, punctuated only by a quick couple of miles on the treadmill and about 15 minutes with the weights. I was hoping to have Sanchin finished and sent off by now but I still have four chapters to go. There may be time to finish it tomorrow but I will be cooking for seven people, one of whom is under two, and we’ll have a houseful all day. Hmm maybe not then. I’m […]

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Babysitting and Editing

I had intended to do a lot of writing today but a couple of things cropped up. My sister had a child minding emergency and I realised that the deadline for editing Sanchin is creeping up rather faster than I thought. When it’s a toss up between writing and keeping an almost two year old niece entertained, the niece wins hands down :). As for the editing, well, that took a back seat to the niece too but I will […]

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Essential ‘Other Stuff’ or Procrastination?

I haven’t managed to write much today. I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to catch up with my reading on Authonomy.  I will probably end up writing until quite late tonight though. I don’t know what it is about me. I seem to be nocturnal while I’m writing. I certainly write better late at night. I can’t decide if that’s just the way I am, or if it’s because there are fewer disturbances. I live in a very […]

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Long Day and Not Much Writing

Well, it’s been a long day and I confess I haven’t done much in the way of writing. I’ve only managed about 300 words and that was sitting in the car waiting outside a shop. I’ve been out and about for most of the day, but I think it’s been a good thing. There was a bit of a sticky point in the storyline that I was having difficulty finding the words to express. Taking some time away from the […]

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Just a Quickie

Just a very quick update on Yantsu. I’m finally getting a bit of an idea where this story is heading. I was clueless for ages. I even mentioned guilty secrets in the pitch for the novel but I had no idea what they were. Well, one of them was revealed to me today and it was not remotely what I was expecting. I’m beginning to get an inkling as to what the other might be. Having said that, I was […]

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When the Brain Works Faster Than The Fingers

What do you do when you just can’t keep up with the flow of words? It’s been one of those days today. This story has been bouncing around my head all day. I’ve had characters arguing, chatting and generally making a nuisance of themselves in the supermarket. Okay, it was me being a nuisance in the supermarket. I’ve been carrying my big green notebook everywhere for the last few days. Today I must have abandoned my trolley a dozen times […]

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Working Title Change – Already!

Well, I guess that will teach me to hold my horses. Yesterday I rabbited on about the new working title and today I changed it. There’s a fair chance it will happen again, probably several times, before the book hits final draft. But have I learned to keep my mouth shut? No! The new title is Yantsu. Also the name of a karate kata but this time derived from the characters Yan, meaning safe and Su meaning three. So why […]

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A Working Title – Gekisai

Okay, so maybe it’s not great but it’s in keeping. The first book was named after a karate kata, so why not the second – at least for the time being. It looks better than “As Yet Untitled” sitting on my desktop. So, what does it mean? The name is derived from the characters Geki, meaning to attack or conquer, and Sai,  literally translated as closed, shut or covered,  meaning a fortress or stronghold. The word Gekisai can also mean […]

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As Yet Untitled

I may not have a title for the new book yet, but I have the beginnings of a first draft. I can’t believe how well this book is flowing. I only started yesterday and I’ve only had a couple of hours a day to work on it but I should hit the 5000 word mark by the time I switch off tonight. What’s really keeping me interested is that I have no idea where this one is going. Not even […]

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It’s the Genre Thing!

It seems like I hit the nail on the head yesterday. Broken Bonds is not flowing because I’m writing out of my genre. I struggled again this morning to sit down and write. Then, as an experiment I started on a new story, just to see where it would go. Well, it went, and how! I’ve written more words of the new story today than I have of Broken Bonds in the last week and a half. It flowed so […]

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