Proof Reading One, Writing Another

Confusion reigns here today. I’m trying to get back into Sanchin to check the proof copy but I also need to write Yantsu, my characters are screaming at me. I’ve already discovered a few things I’m unhappy with in Sanchin. It’s amazing how different things look in print compared to on the screen. Nothing major though, and it should be easily fixed. I think I’d better have a notebook and pencil beside the bed tonight and save it as bedtime […]

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Sanchin Proof Copy Has Arrived

My proof copy of Sanchin arrived this afternoon. I haven’t had time to read any of it yet, but so far so good. The new cover design looks great. I’m really pleased with it and the interior formatting looks perfect at a quick glance. Now all I have to do is read it again. Something I’m not particularly looking forward to as I can almost recite it word for word anyway. Oh well, such is life when you choose to […]

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Cruelty to Characters

I am so bad at being cruel to my characters. I felt awful about some of the things that happened to poor Tristan in Sanchin. And now I’m putting one of my babies through the wringer in Yantsu. It’s not so much what I’m doing to him, but how long I’m leaving him to suffer while I do other things. I think I’ve finally flipped. I always thought I might go a bit mad if I started writing too often […]

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Decisions, Decisions!

I had a good look round my potential new town today. It was busy, but then that’s to be expected on a Saturday, I guess. It seemed quite pleasant and I managed to locate the Kyokushin Dojo which is a top priority for me. Now all I need to do is find a house to rent within walking, or at least cycling distance. Well, that’s after I make the decision on whether or not this is the town. I haven’t […]

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Another Good Writing Day

Well, I did manage to get the lights out before 2am this morning but I confess I did get up in the middle of the night and start again. I could have done with a bit of a nap this afternoon but I opted for some yoga instead. It certainly woke me up a bit. I have managed to get quite a lot of writing done today too. It’s going well again and I’m hoping to have finished the first […]

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A Good Day

A good writing and reading day today. I managed to get caught up a bit on Authonomy with my reading. I also managed to get back into Yantsu. I was worried that I may have lost the plot with my novel because I hadn’t written for so long, but I soon got back into the flow of things. At least my characters hadn’t gone off to play elsewhere. I’m considering putting the first 10 000 words up on Authonomy but […]

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Waiting for the Proof Copy of Sanchin

I’d like to say I’m waiting patiently for my proof copy of Sanchin, but I’m not. I’m being rather impatient. It was shipped today but it has to get here from the USA and we have a postal strike going on in our town. Normally I wouldn’t mind but I’m away from home again for another month from next Tuesday and that could mean I’m waiting over 5 weeks to review the proof. Oh well, maybe a bit more distance […]

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Another One of Those Days

This is going to be another one of those days where it might have been better not to update the blog. We’ve had eleven people in the house this afternoon so, as you can imagine, I didn’t get any writing done. I was in town this morning so that threw me out too. Tomorrow it’s visitors again in the morning and child minding in the afternoon. I have planned to try and catch up with some of my reading on […]

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Sanchin Has Left the Building

It’s done! Sanchin is finally finished and is being reviewed ready for publication. It’s such a relief to have it out of my hair. I think I must have read that book at least 20 times from cover to cover. Now I can focus on my writing again. Yantsu has been screaming for my attention all weekend and I was worried that my characters might go and play somewhere else if I didn’t soon get back to it. Well, they’ll […]

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Still Two Chapters to Go

Well, I’m really scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to say on here today. I told myself when I started a blog that I would write something every day. But this might just be one of those days when it would have been better not to bother. Anyway, the day went well considering the number of people in a fairly small space but I didn’t get much editing done. Whether that was due to the invasion or the […]

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